Version 0.6.1

  • Fix bug when creating 0.1 deg grid cells (floating point precision)
  • Missing variables in grib files are now replaced by empty images.
  • Read variable names from grib files from cfVarNameECMF instead of short_name field

Version 0.6

  • Add support for downloading, reading, reshuffling era5-land
  • Add support for reading, reshuffling points over land only (era5 and era5-land)
  • Add function to create land definition files
  • Test with pinned environments

Version 0.5

  • Change default time steps to 6 hours.
  • Add more tests, also for download functions
  • Update documentation, add installation script
  • Fix bugs, update command line interfaces, update dependencies
  • Separate download programs for ERA5 and ERA Interim
  • Change the ERA5 download api to use cdsapi instead of ecmwf api
  • Update package structure to better separate between the ERA products
  • Add look-up-table file for more flexibility in variable names passed by user
  • Update readme

Version 0.4

  • Add ERA5 support (download, reading, TS conversion)
  • Add netcdf support for ERA5 and ERA-Interim download (regular grid)
  • Add new grid defintions: netcdf download in regular grid, grib in gaussian grid
  • Add Download with spatial resampling (grib and nc)
  • Update GRIB message storing (per day instead of per message)
  • Add tests for splitting downloaded files, ERA5 reading, ERA5 reshuffling, generated grids
  • Add new test data

Version 0.3

  • Fix help text in ecmwf_repurpose command line program.
  • Fix reading of metadata for variables that do not have ‘levels’
  • Fix wrong import when trying to read the reformatted time series data.

Version 0.2

  • Add reading of basic metadata fields name, depth and units.
  • Fix reading of latitudes and longitudes - where flipped before.
  • Fix longitude range to -180, 180.
  • Add conversion to time series format.

Version 0.1

  • First version
  • Add ERA Interim support for downloading and reading.